"The River and the Sea and Me: waves with no beginning and no ending, only forever, but never the same."

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Laughlin’s ‘The River and The Sea’ Explores Forgiveness, Healing


Laughlin Daughters Publishing House’s mission is to help people heal from sexual violence by publishing books that inspire our readers to work toward a world of nonviolence. By sharing stories of healing, we promote the message that the way forward in ending violence is forgiveness. Every person who has suffered any form of violence, especially sexual violence, needs a witness. Sharing our stories makes the connections between us visible, spreading the message that harm to one harms us all. By working toward this end, we at Laughlin Daughters Publishing House are working toward justice.


The River and The Sea
A Story of Forgiveness

by Julia Laughlin

When is enough enough? How does someone go about healing from thirty years of deep pain? How does she begin to forgive and to trust again? In The River and the Sea, Julia Laughlin travels to New Zealand, three decades after she is brutally raped and tortured, to answer these questions for herself.

The trip commences as a promise to her daughter to repay the gift of her love. Over five weeks of solitude, at the junction of the river and the sea in Punakaiki, Laughlin faces her fears, resurrects her broken spirit, and writes her story. Though the journey is treacherous and the path not always clear, she ultimately discovers that the healing powers she sought were inside her all along.

Julia Laughlin’s book, The River and the Sea, affected me deeply. Her courageous healing journey to find her soul again and to forgive after a brutal rape has stayed with me long after finishing her story. I have not had her experience, but I know that those who have will benefit greatly and find their own healing in her heroic quest.

Carol Schaefer
Author, Grandmothers Counsel the World and
The Other Mother

Healing can’t be forced, nor can forgiveness.  Knowing this, Julia Laughlin went half way around the world to the sea that would hold her and devoted herself year after year to learning to tell the story she hoped would free her.  Laughlin’s devotion to recovering from torture and sexual violence, no matter how hard it was and how long it took, gives this book its power.

Deena Metzger
Author, Writing For Your Life and
La Negra y Blanca


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